Day 96 | Week #14: Crossing Rivers, Chasing Bulls, and Eating Coconuts!!!

Hola! This week was super bien! We have been working very hard and trying to do more service! We lost two of our investigators... but we found a couple new contacts though.

We have started teaching Guillermo’s daughter. She is so nice, but is only 13. She read the pamphlet and is very interested. We also had one of our investigators say to us that she doesn’t want to be baptized or go to our church anymore. It is very discouraging and sad to see her reject our message, but we had explained everything we could and testified that our church is the only true church, but we all have our agency and are free to choose for ourselves. 

This week we helped this one family organize their yard and cleaned it up a bit. Afterwards, Freddy, one of the family members, climbed up a tree and cut down coconuts for us to eat. Then we spoke to Freddy about cutting down a big tree that they had so we started cutting it down. It is a BEAST so we are going to go at it again in two days. 

We taught Maria, one our investigators, she can’t read, but she is seeking an answer. When we taught her I could feel so much peace and love for her. I hope she finds her answer soon. 

Yesterday we crossed a river and since it rained a ton we had to take our shoes off, roll up our pants and cross the river. It was crazy, but we were able to make it to our appointment on time! 

There are so many animals and insects here so I am always chasing cows or dog, its super cool. 

‘Till Next Week,

Elder Shoaee

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