Day 96 | Week #14: Crossing Rivers, Chasing Bulls, and Eating Coconuts!!!

Hola! This week was super bien! We have been working very hard and trying to do more service! We lost two of our investigators... but we found a couple new contacts though.

We have started teaching Guillermo’s daughter. She is so nice, but is only 13. She read the pamphlet and is very interested. We also had one of our investigators say to us that she doesn’t want to be baptized or go to our church anymore. It is very discouraging and sad to see her reject our message, but we had explained everything we could and testified that our church is the only true church, but we all have our agency and are free to choose for ourselves. 

This week we helped this one family organize their yard and cleaned it up a bit. Afterwards, Freddy, one of the family members, climbed up a tree and cut down coconuts for us to eat. Then we spoke to Freddy about cutting down a big tree that they had so we started cutting it down. It is a BEAST so we are going to go at it again in two days. 

We taught Maria, one our investigators, she can’t read, but she is seeking an answer. When we taught her I could feel so much peace and love for her. I hope she finds her answer soon. 

Yesterday we crossed a river and since it rained a ton we had to take our shoes off, roll up our pants and cross the river. It was crazy, but we were able to make it to our appointment on time! 

There are so many animals and insects here so I am always chasing cows or dog, its super cool. 

‘Till Next Week,

Elder Shoaee


Day 89 | Week #13

This week was super cool! Elder Ruiz and I have been working hard and searching for more people to teach. A lot of times people aren’t at home and we have last minute changes, but we always find someone to teach.

One of our investigators, Guillermo, is going to church and understanding so much. We just need him to get married to his wife, so he can be baptized. He builds and repairs fans, he is super funny, and tells super crazy stories about all the things he has done.

We have had some powerful lessons with Maria, another investigator. She can't read, but she is praying to know that The Book of Mormon is true. We taught the about the resurrection and it was super powerful. She is progressing so much!

Missionary Reference Library
I have started reading the missionary reference library (Jesus the Christ, Our Heritage, True to the Faith, Our Search for Happiness). These four books are amazing, especially about the early saints and what they went through. It makes me want to try harder and have more faith. 

I am understanding the language a lot, but I can’t speak that fast so it is difficult, but I know that the language will come as I try to keep striving to speak this language.

Love, Elder Shoaee


Day 83 | Week #12 - Lifting Fridges and Taking Names

This week was GREAT! We taught a bunch of people and were able to get two people to commit to baptism this week. My companion and I are getting along really well and I am starting to know our area. 

Preaching with Arnaldo & Elder Ruiz
Also, I have made it to my second transfer and am getting used to missionary life. Everyone here is super chill and works hard. Our investigators are progressing and we had a good turnout this Sunday at church. One of our investigator family got attacked by her husband and now the husband is no longer with her, so times are tough for her. She still came to church  and we are trying to help her the best we can.

My companion and I are always looking for service and we saw these guys carrying a fridge and we went to help them carry it.

Washing My Clothes at the Pila
I was sick with the flu for a little bit, but I now I am better, I am exercising every day and I feel great. The language is coming along and I can basically understand what everyone is talking about now. Things are great here in Villanueva, Brisas Del Plan!

Love, Elder Shoaee

UPDATE:  An earthquake with magnitude 7.3 occurred near La Unión, La Unión, El Salvador at 03:51:38.90 UTC on Oct 14, 2014. 


Day 75 | Week #11 - A Very "General" Week

I had a super busy week full of using a machete, teaching the gospel and listening to modern day prophets!

Most of our investigators are progressing and things are going good in our area. We had taught this nice 19, year old investigator, named Jeffery... in the gutter, literally, because his mom wouldn’t let us in. That isn’t what humbled me, it was that he was willing to listen to our message without a chair and sitting in a dirty place. I hope that we can visit with him again.

This week we were able to do a service activity for a lady one of our investigators knows. We had to cut down a tree with machetes. It was my first time using a machete and it was awesome! My companion would cut down the big branches and then I would cut them up into smaller pieces. I enjoyed helping others and it was felt good to do service.

In the Priesthood Session of General Conference, I saw a bunch of people from my school in the Provo MTC choir. It was weird, but super cool. (See the link below)

On Saturday and Sunday we got to watch General Conference in ENGLISH! I took 3 pages of notes. This was the best General Conference, ever! I really gained a better testimony of our prophets. They are the only people on the earth that speak unbiased, true, and spiritual messages to bring us peace, happiness and direction in this life. I hope we never take living prophets for granted!

My Favorite Quote from 10/2014 General Conference

Elder Shoaee