Day 216 | Week #31

Semana Santa (Easter Week) is coming closer and closer, I can feel it. It is a traditional extended holiday throughout all of Latin America, the result of the Catholic religion that the Spaniards brought with them to America in the old colonial days. It the largest holiday season in the country. 

I am happy to report that we are having success in Paraiso. Familia Sanchez is scheduled to be baptized this Saturday and they are amazing! 

We also are working on some old investigators who we have left for a little bit. We also helped a part-member family by carrying a bunch of rocks to their house.

Things are looking good in Honduras!

Elder Shoaee


Day #209 | Week #30: Baptismal Date Set!

It’s a Miracle by Elder Neil L. Andersen
This week was chill. Elder Crisostomo and I started to work on getting more new investigators. Also we have been working with the Sanchez family and we put a date for baptism for the 28th of this month! I hope that they will continue to progress. Please keep them in your prayers.

Also we helped one of our investigators cut down weeds with machetes and helped him clean up. 

My companion's birthday was yesterday, so I woke him up with all the other missionaries singing, "Happy Birthday"... it was cool. Later he got egged at someones house (It is a tradition here, when someone has a birthday, you smack a egg on their head) it was super funny! 

After that we had a lesson with a guy named Miguel. His wife is a member, but  she is inactive. We are trying to get them to church. We invited them yesterday and they accepted to go this week. 

Cristian one of our recent converts is going to get the priesthood in a few weeks!! I am so excited for him!

Its super hot right now...and we are going to have the area seventies come on February 25th and the Apostle, Neil L. Andersen in March, its going to be  legit!

Well that's all for now. Have a good week!

Love, Elder Shoaee


Day #202 | Week #29: Wisdom Teeth & Burgers

This week was a little different than most weeks. My companion needed to have his wisdom teeth taken out and we had to go to San Pedro Sula to get it done. When we were there, we ate at a place called Johnny Rockets, it was super cool.

Johnny Rockets: Bulevar Morazán, San Pedro Sula 21104, Honduras
Elder Crisostomo says goodbye to his wisdom teeth
Also we are progressing a lot with the Sanchez family. They want to get baptized so we are finishing up with all the lessons. They are also reading the Book of Mormon! They are an amazing family. We also were able to a lot of service this week to help people too.

Our investigator Cristian was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints this Sunday!!! It was so great to see him progress and become a member of this church!

Elder Shoaee


Day #195 | Week #28

OK, this week was AWESOME!  We had interviews with the Mission President, which was cool and Elder Crisostomo and I went to find more investigators and are going back to teach some old investigators. 

We visited a recent convert and she has a lot of opposition in her home. When we went to teach a lesson, the spirit was so strong. It made us feel so good, because despite all the opposition she was experiencing, we were able to bring the spirit which is what she needed.

The Sanchez family  are amazing! They are another one of our investigators and they all came to church this Sunday. They also accept all of our teachings and they stand up for our beliefs. They are the most prepared and accepting family I have been with my whole mission! 

My Room
Elder Shoaee