Day 89 | Week #13

This week was super cool! Elder Ruiz and I have been working hard and searching for more people to teach. A lot of times people aren’t at home and we have last minute changes, but we always find someone to teach.

One of our investigators, Guillermo, is going to church and understanding so much. We just need him to get married to his wife, so he can be baptized. He builds and repairs fans, he is super funny, and tells super crazy stories about all the things he has done.

We have had some powerful lessons with Maria, another investigator. She can't read, but she is praying to know that The Book of Mormon is true. We taught the about the resurrection and it was super powerful. She is progressing so much!

Missionary Reference Library
I have started reading the missionary reference library (Jesus the Christ, Our Heritage, True to the Faith, Our Search for Happiness). These four books are amazing, especially about the early saints and what they went through. It makes me want to try harder and have more faith. 

I am understanding the language a lot, but I can’t speak that fast so it is difficult, but I know that the language will come as I try to keep striving to speak this language.

Love, Elder Shoaee

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