Day #613 | Week #87: Holy Week

Here in Honduras, last week was Holy Week. There wasn't a lot of people around, but we still kept working. We had an Easter activity last Friday. We explained Holy Week and then we showed Bible videos of Jesus Christ of some of the important things He did the final week of His life. It was a great and spiritual activity.

On Sunday we did a lot of service and some members helped us know the area a little better and gave us names of some of the less-active members in the area. 

The week  really passed by fast and it turned out really well. Also we normally don't have lunches so my companion and I started cooking. We made some pretty good meals that really weren't expensive.


Week #86 | Two More Baptisms

This week was pretty chill. Elder Nolasco and I have two baptismal dates set. They are both from part member families. The first one is David, he is the brother of Nadia and Lorena who where baptized last month and the second one is a girl named Victoria. She has been going to church forever and turns 8 this week and she wants to be baptized. We are going to teach her and prepare her for her baptism. 

Also this week the power went out for one day, so we had to go back to the house early. We also got a bunch of references from some members in our area so we are going to work with that this week.

Elder Shoaee


Day #599 | Week #85: New Companion

Elders: Nolasco - Shoaee - Ruiz
This week was a great week. I got a new companion, his name is Elder Nolasco. He is from El Salvador and I will be his first companion in the mission. He is a super cool, nice guy and I am training him right now. 

This week we had a little bit of everything, we contacted, looked for references, and visited our recent converts. We also had the opportunity to do some service. We helped some members move a ton of dirt to their house. It took a while, but eventually we got the job done. 

We are still working on finding more people to teach. We had two new investigators this week. They are two brothers that have friends that are members. They are interested and want to know more about our church. We see a lot of potential in them so we will see how things play out this next week.

Elder Nolasco & Elder Shoaee


Day #592 | Week #84: Another Baptism

 This week was great! We had another baptism and got to do a ton of service. We went and captured a few pigs and built a pig pen for a nice member lady in our ward. We also helped  a recent convert make a latrine. We also have been visiting our recent converts and we are going to start teaching some of their family members. 

It was great to see Sara get baptized. She has had some trials recently and it is great to see her progress. On Sunday we had a Multi-Stake Conference with Elder Anderson via satellite.

Elder Shoaee