Day #432 | Week #62

Elder Shoaee & Elder Porter 
Week two in Jutosa. We had some cool experiences this week. We are trying to activate lot of less-active members in our area by inviting them to go to church. We had 31 people at church which is a higher number than last week, so that's progress! Also we have been teaching some investigators. 

We had a funny experience, it was nighttime and my companion and I were going down a hill when a dog comes out of nowhere and starts chasing us.  I just took of my back pack and started screaming to scare it off. Also we chilled with a monkey that a member has as a pet. 

Elder Shoaee

In the Middle of the Mountains In Our Area 

Leche Burra "Milk Sweets" is probably the most known Nicaraguan typical candy.
t's made with cow milk, unrefined sugar cane, coconut, cacao, vanilla and others.


Day #424 | Week #61: Ch-Ch-Changes

This week there were changes. I am still in the same zone, but in a different area. I am in Jutosa, a place in the middle of the jungle. It's a rural town about 20 minutes up a dirt road and into the mountains. 

Jutosa Honduras
My new companions name is Elder Porter from Roy, Utah. He has 18 months in the mission. 

We are in a Branch in the Jutosa. There's not a ton of members, but there's work to do. We have had some good lessons and there are a lot of investigators. We have 3 baptismal dates for the 10th of October. I am still trying to get to know the area, but it will come in time. 

That's about it.

Elder Shoaee


Pila aka Washing Machine/Shower


Day #417 | Week #60

This week was good. Elder Soto and I have been working with our investigators and helping them with their struggles. Also a investigator that we were previously teaching called us and wanted us to start teaching her again... so that was awesome! 

We helped a recent convert who is 103 years old clean up his yard and cut a bunch of weeds. Then there was a baptism for the sister missionaries so we helped them set up and organize everything. On Sunday all the missionaries, including me, gave talks in Sacrament Meeting.

Elder Shoaee


Elder Soto & Elder Shoaee


Day #410 | Week #59

This week was a little crazy. My companion's brother got injured while serving in the other mission, so my companion left for a day to check on him. Fortunately everything is going well with him. 

While Elder Soto was gone, one of the secretaries, Elder Nuñez, came and we worked in the area. We started visiting some new investigators and trying to find more people who are ready to teach. 

We had a Family Home Evening with recent converts in our area, it was awesome. Also we are trying to motivate a part-member family, the Marques', to get married. We will see how things go this week.

Elder Shoaee