Day #678 | Week #96 [43-Days Left]

This week was pretty good. Elder Nolasco and I had a rough start at the beginning of the week, a lot of our appointments fell through. We walked a lot, but we just decided to not quit and keep going. We were able to help a lot of people through service. We helped a lady carry stuff up a mountain and cut a lady's lawn. It was nice to be able to do more service. 
Also we have an awesome investigator named Felipe. He wants to get married to a member that he has known for a long time and he wants to do the right thing. He is very humble and he understands the importance of our message. On Sunday we had a Gospel Principles class and Felipe was participating and answering questions about how the restoration of the gospel was so necessary. It is amazing to see how fast some people progress.

Watermelon Eating Contest
I also did 3 baptismal interviews for some investigators in our district. It was a great experience to see their testimonies and that I could help them move onto a greater path.

Elder Shoaee


Day #671 | Week #95

This week was amazing. Elder Nolasco and I have been working on contacting more people. It is incredible to see how much better we have gotten at talking to more people. 

Also we did service project in the area of the other missionaries in our district. We went up into the mountain and got some wood to help a lady build a house. It was a cool experience. 

Another good thing that happened is that a man, Virgilio, that we are teaching wants to progress and be baptized. He has had some difficulties with a few commandments, so we helped him using the example of the savior when he said to the disciples, "Come follow me". Jesus was direct and they followed him and left everything behind. So we said that is what we all need to do and not to focus on how other people will react to it. When we follow Him we can know that God will direct him to where he needs to be. 

Elder Shoaee


Day #662 | Week #93 & #94 [58-Days Left]

Hey!  This week was chill... Elder Nolasco and I have been contacting a bunch this week and we are trying to talk to more people, even though we felt a little stressed, everything worked out fine and we were able to talk to a bunch of people. We also had to leave 3 investigators who weren't keeping their commitments. I know that in at a later time, they will want to do it. 

We also had an open house with the ward missionaries at the church. Every ward missionary explained the different organizations and rooms. As you can see from the photo below, w
e had a table set up with pamphlets about The Restoration, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Plan of Salvation, Chastity, Tithing and Fast Offerings, etc. and copies of the Book of Mormon

It was a busy week and I hope we can find more people to teach this week.

Elder Shoaee


This week was really good I went on divisions with the other missionaries in another area in my district. I went with Elder Montoya. He is a new missionary so I went to their area to see how everything was going. He is a good guy and is really excited to be here. 

Also Elder Nolasco and I helped with a Mother's day BBQ. My companion helped serve the food and I helped keep the fire going on the grill. 

We are having some trouble with our appointments. They are falling recently so its been hard to get in contact with our investigators. We have had some lessons of success and we keep moving forward. 

Elder Shoaee


Day #648 | Week #92: These Boots Were Made for Walking

Elder Nolasco and I did some service this week.  We were able to cut firewood for a family. 

We also found a new investigator to teach, his name is Virgilio. He is a farmer and he is really interested in our church. We are also working with a lady in our new area who has a son who is a returned missionary. She isnt a member, but we are visiting her she still hasn't gone to church, but we have faith that she will go soon. 

Also we are working with our recent converts some are progressing more than others, but we are doing our best to help the ward and our converts progress. We also organized appointments with our ward missionaries so well see how that turns out this week.

Elder Shoaee