Day #250 | Week #36: Priesthood Blessings

This week was great!  One of our investigators is pregnant and is going to have a baby soon. During the week she called us and said that she wanted us to pray for her. We went over there and explained about the power of the priesthood and our authority and gave her a blessing. The spirit was so strong, it was great. The next time when we saw her she said that she was feeling well. I love seeing a witness that the priesthood is real. 

Also we had an amazing lesson with an investigator her name is Karla. We were able to answer almost every question she had and not only answer, but really clear her doubts. It was amazing to see and to have the help of the spirit to testify while teaching. 

Also my companion, Elder Crisostomo, is heading back to Mexico. It is interesting to see the end of his mission and to hear about all the experiences hes had. This week is also changes and I got a new companion, Elder Perry, he is a greengo from Pleasant Grove and he was in my last zone!!!

Elder Shoaee


Day #244 | Week #35

This week was interesting, we had a bunch of lessons with new investigators and are finding awesome people. I went on divisions with my zone leader and we contacted a ton and found some great families to teach. We had a good lesson with a new family that we started teaching. It was awesome to preach and to testify of truth. It was great that we were able to clear so many of their doubts. 

Also we helped a less-active family build an outhouse. We had to dig a huge hole that was like 10-feet deep and about 12-feet across. We tried to help as much as we could to go deeper, but it's hard work once you've reached rock bottom. We had to use a hammer and pick at the rocks.

Elder Shoaee


Day #236 | Week #34

This week was super eventful. On Monday we went to San Pedro Sula to get a new phone, Friday I got my residency and am now a Hondureño, then on Saturday we had a multi-mission meeting with Neil L. Andersen, it was amazing (I also got to shake his hand). 

We started teaching some of our new investigators we are still trying to see their progress, but only time will tell. Also I got Chikungunya which is sort of like Dengue, but I am getting better now, which is good. Also the language is coming along fine some days are better than others but things are picking up. 

Adios, Elder Shoaee


Day# 230 | Week #33

This week was awesome. Cristian and Erodito recieved the priesthood on Sunday. It was fantastic witness the occasion.

We are working on our older investigators and they haven't gone to church yet, but well see in time how it goes. We need some more lessons and we are going to focus on that more.

Today I had to go to San Pedro Sula to get a new phone from the mission office. This coming Friday I am going to get my residency so I will become a Hondureño! 

Enjoying Pizza in San Pedro Sula

Con Amor, Elder Shoaee


Day #224 | Week #32: Baptism

This week was amazing! We had the baptism of the Sanchez family. I baptized the father (Erodito) and the mother (Juana). My companion baptized their two children. They are such great examples and I love them so much. 
Sanchez Family Baptism - February 28, 2015

They were confirmed members on Sunday. I am amazed by how humble they are and how fast they are progressing. Also on Thursday and Friday of this week, we were looking for baptismal clothes for the family. We went all around our area all day, but thankfully we were able to get all the clothes before the baptism. The baptism was perfect! Almost all the youth came and many members. It was probably the best baptism I've seen here! Cristian our recent convert is going to receive the priesthood this Sunday. 

Things are looking good!

Elder Shoaee