Day #403 | Week #58

This week was good! We worked super hard this week and found a bunch of new people. We are working hard with members and we were also able to do some service. 

We are teaching the Marques family and are trying to get them married. We have had some spiritual lessons with them. 

We also helped some people bring firewood from the mountains to their house. It was intense, but super awesome to be able to serve.
Elder Soto and I are getting along. We both want to have more success in the work. We just need to continue to work hard.

Elder Shoaee


Day #396 | Week #57

This week was cool. We had a multi-zone conference with President Dester where we learned a lot and had a few workshops so we can learn to work more effectively.

Also, we had a mission conference via satellite. Elder Nelson spoke from Tegucigalpa. It was great. It focused a lot on the temple and how we should focus on helping our investigators and the members get there.
Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple

Elder Soto and I are contacting more so we can start having more people to teach. 

Elder Shoaee


Day #389 | Week #56

Elder Shoaee - Tamale King
The past week was good, Elder Soto and I helped with an fundraising activity (making and selling tamales) to help a part-member family so that they can can get married and then the husband can get baptized.

Hermano Carlos
We are starting to look for more people to teach that are ready for the message. Also this week we are going to have a Zone Conference and on Saturday. Elder Nelson is going to be in Tegucigalpa so we are going to see him via satellite. It is going to be awesome!!!

Today we went to Omoa which
was the last Spanish stronghold in Central America after the region declared its independence. The Spanish fort was captured by the Central American Republicans under Colonel Juan Galindo.
Fortaleza de San Fernando de Omo


Day #382 | Week #55

This week was awesome and things are good except that our baptismal date with Sindy fell through. Hopefully it will be rescheduled in the near future.

The good news is that we are going to help get a part-member family married that have been wanting to get married in order for the husband to be able to get baptized. Also, we are starting to contact to try and find more people that are r
eady. We found a bunch of members in one of our areas, so we are starting to work with them also.

I made pupusas with my companion, it was fun! Pupusas are like a tortilla stuffed with cheeses and beans. We made them for a birthday party of a awesome family in the ward.

Elder Shoaee


Day #377 | Week #54

"Holy" Shoes  ;^)
This week was pretty good we were working hard to finish this change successfully. We had some good successes and our baptism for Sindy is scheduled for this Saturday! 

Also, we have some new investigators that we are working with that are starting to progress. 

Lastly, we helped with a funeral of a elderly lady that died on Sunday. We helped by singing hymns and I had the opportunity to dedicate the grave. It was a great experience.

That's about it.

Elder Shoaee