Day #706 | Week #100: Last Transfer

This  week I finished my last area that is now going to be part of San Pedro Sula East Mission by showing my companion from that mission the area. His mission had changes so I got transferred out of the area and I was sent to an area called,  La Lopez, in the Fesitranh zone. 

I am in a trio right now with Elder Quarnberg (he was in my last area when we had 4 missionaries in the ward and he was with me for 12 weeks) and Elder Permenter (who came with me but is going home a week early). It's a great area and we have 8 baptisms planned for this week! 

My companions are the zone leaders, but I'm just assigned to the area. The ward is pretty big and there are a lot of members here. I really don't know that many people, but its going to be an enjoyable last two weeks in the mission field. 

The people really take good care of us and our investigators are awesome. We are going to help four of them get married this week so that they can be baptized.   
President Dester & Elder Shoaee
I also had my last interview with my mission president, President Dester. It was amazing to look back on my mission and talk with him about the future. He really gave me a lot of good advice. I felt so much peace talking with him. He has been an amazing mission president!

Elder Shoaee


Day #698 | Week #99 [23-More Days]

This week was great! Elder Crosgrove and I had the baptism of Virgilio. He is an investigator that the missionaries had been teaching on and off for about a year. We have been teaching him and helped him get on the right track and understand what he needs to do. He became so motivated that on Saturday we had his baptism. A member/friend baptized him, because they know each other very well. 
Virgilio's Baptism Day | 06/18/2016
We also were able to some service. We cut down some firewood for a sister in our area with machetes.

Also, we had a zone planning meeting so we all met up and then we ate as a zone after it was over. I think this week I will be transferred to another area, because my area is getting taken over by the San Pedro Sula East Mission. 

Elder Shoaee


Day #692 | Week #98 [30-More Days!]

This week was cool. Elder Crosrove and I went on divisions so I was in another area for a day. We had a lot of lessons this week and we were able to find more people to teach. 

We have an investigator who's name is Virgilio. We have a baptismal date for him for this Saturday. He is awesome and has been going to church for a year and we have helped him clear up some things. We have taught him that we don't know exactly when Christ is coming, so we have to do what we can so we are ready. 

Today we played soccer as a zone on a indoor field. It was nice to be able to play and relax a bit.

Elder Shoaee


Day #684 | Week #97: East Meets West

This week was crazy! We had changes and I stayed in the same area, but my new companion is from the other mission (San Pedro Sula East Mission) Our area is going to be part of the other mission so I'm showing him the area and then I'll leave the area. I have been introducing him to our investigators as well. My new companion's name is Elder Crosgrove. He is from Idaho and he's pretty cool. 
This week I did two baptismal interviews for another area in our district. We have had some new investigators this week and we were able to help some people clear their doubts about our church. 
The power went out several times during the week and it rained a ton on Sunday. The power went out again, so it was an interesting way to end the week. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be in the area and I don't think I'll finish my mission here, but we'll see what happens.

I finally got my travel itinerary. I'll be returning to Utah on July 14th! (37 more days)

Elder Shoaee