Day #585 | Week #83: The Gospel in Central America

This week was pretty good. Elder Ortiz and I are working on reteaching our recent converts and trying to help them continue to progress. We also are helping to organize ward missionaries and visiting teachers. We have been looking to find more people to teach. 

Things are going good and this is the last week of the change. My companion has been in the area for 18 weeks so who knows what will happen. This Saturday our ward is going to have a talent show, it is going to be awesome! There will be a conference on Sunday for Central America. The prophet (I think) and the apostles will be talking to us so we will be going to the Stake Center for that.

Unto All the World: The Gospel in Central AmericaDrawing on his recent experiences in Central America, Elder Christofferson describes the growth of the gospel and the strength of the Church in this beautiful part of the world. 

Elder Shoaee


Week #82 | Two Baptisms

This week was great on we had a Multizone Conference. It was a great experience and I learned some new things. I also saw some people that I know, it was cool. 

This week we have been passing for our recent converts and also trying to prepare our investigators for their baptisms. On Saturday we had the baptism of two of our investigators, Tania and Eduardo. Tania had been taught by the missionaries for a year and a half and finally she felt that she ready to be baptized. Eduardo is from a part-member family and we have taught him and missionaries before me taught him also. He was a little nervous, but we helped him out and he felt a lot better. I was able to baptize Eduardo and my companion baptized Tania. 


Right now we are teaching a guy named Lorenzo. He lives in a part-member family and we are also teaching a  lady named, Sara. Sunday we had a great attendance at church. This area really is great!

Elder Shoaee


Day #571 | Week #81: Hunting Rambo

This week we have been preparing an investigator, Tania,  for her upcoming baptism this Saturday . She had some doubts about Joseph Smith and how we have prophets today. We invited her to pray about it and to read The Book of Mormon. She accepted our invitation and at our next appointment with her she told us that she had received an answer, it was amazing. 

We were able to help a member find her pig in the jungle. The member tried to sell it two months ago, but it escaped and was running wild in the fields in our colony. We were looking for it for about an hour and a half, because it kept running away from us. My companion was able to tackle it and we carried it to the members house. 

It has been raining a ton this last week so the attendance at church wasn't that high this week, but it will get better.

Elder Shoaee


Day #564 | Week #80

This week was good. We had four baptisms on Saturday. Two sisters, Lorena and Nadia and two others, Vilma and Laura. Our mission president came to the baptism and was a witness for the baptisms. It was awesome!

This whole week we were going out preparing our investigators for baptism. We also are working with some others to prepare them to be baptized on the 20th. On Sunday we taught a mission preparation class and then the youth got a chance to practice. It was a very cool experience. 

Thanks Elder Shoaee


Week #79 | Four Baptisms!

This week was great! My companion and I gave service twice this week. We made a hole for an outhouse and a few days later we went to the forest to cut some firewood. 

We also have four baptisms planned for this Saturday and hopefully all goes according to plans. 

My companion and I and  other missionaries helped with a Relief Society activity on Saturday. On Monday we had an activity with our investigators that we made baleadas and played basketball. 

This is a good area and I hope that we can keep working to help make it even better. 

Elder Shoaee