Day #508 | Week #73

Elder Kevin R. Duncan, First Quorum of the Seventy

This week was good. Our mission had a conference with Kevin R. Duncan of the Seventy.We learned a lot about goals and what we should do. 

We also have been looking for new people and have found a few good investigators. We also have a Christmas dinner this Saturday and we have a lot to do. Today we were just help to paint a house with the owners.

Elder Shoaee


Week #72

This week went well, Elder Coc and I were inviting everyone to our Stake Conference so we reached out to a bunch of less-actives and investigators. I will be in this area for another 6-weeks.

It has been raining a ton here and the river a few blocks from our house overflowed, it was crazy. 

Also, we watched The First Presidency Christmas Devotional on Sunday. It was awesome to see the apostles and prophets. We are still looking for people to teach and to try to activate the members in the area. 

Elder Shoaee