Day 75 | Week #11 - A Very "General" Week

I had a super busy week full of using a machete, teaching the gospel and listening to modern day prophets!

Most of our investigators are progressing and things are going good in our area. We had taught this nice 19, year old investigator, named Jeffery... in the gutter, literally, because his mom wouldn’t let us in. That isn’t what humbled me, it was that he was willing to listen to our message without a chair and sitting in a dirty place. I hope that we can visit with him again.

This week we were able to do a service activity for a lady one of our investigators knows. We had to cut down a tree with machetes. It was my first time using a machete and it was awesome! My companion would cut down the big branches and then I would cut them up into smaller pieces. I enjoyed helping others and it was felt good to do service.

In the Priesthood Session of General Conference, I saw a bunch of people from my school in the Provo MTC choir. It was weird, but super cool. (See the link below)

On Saturday and Sunday we got to watch General Conference in ENGLISH! I took 3 pages of notes. This was the best General Conference, ever! I really gained a better testimony of our prophets. They are the only people on the earth that speak unbiased, true, and spiritual messages to bring us peace, happiness and direction in this life. I hope we never take living prophets for granted!

My Favorite Quote from 10/2014 General Conference

Elder Shoaee

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