Day 159 | Week #23: Happy New Year!

This week we didn't have a lot of work, because many of our investigators were away. We were able to chop some wood for a less-active family though.

Elder Mejia and I had a ward activity about the real meaning of Christmas and how we can change for this coming year. We also went to a Priesthood meeting in  on Sunday. The Stake President spoke and a few missionaries out of our zone were in the choir, it was pretty cool.

Elder Shoaee

"Endure to the end we must, for our goal is eternal life in the presence of our Father in Heaven. He loves us and wants nothing more than for us to succeed in this goal. He will help us and bless us as we call upon Him in our prayers, as we study His words, and as we obey His commandments. Therein is found safety; therein is found peace."
 —Thomas S. Monson


Day 153 | Week #22

This week Elder Mejia and I worked on a lot of new investigators and menos activos. We counted up all of our menos activos and investigators and there are about 40 people in our area who are less-active. We are trying to help them as much as we can. We contacted a lot last week, so this week we went and worked on a lot of new people. Some of our investigators weren't there and that lost a lot of our time. 
Skype - 12/26/2014
Elder Mejia and I are getting along fine, and Elder Mejia gave me the lesson pamphlets in English so I have been studying side-by-side with the English and Spanish gospel pamphlets to help me out with my Spanish. 

It has been super hot here... its crazy!!! Water is super cheap here so that is good! We had Elder Mejia cook some Mexican food at a members house and it was super good. On Sunday I passed the Sacrament in our ward. It seems like I haven't done that in forever. 

That is about it...Merry Christmas everyone!

Elder Shoaee


Day 145 | Week #21: A Week of Miracles!

This week was amazing! Elder Mejia and I did a lot of contacting and got a ton of new investigators. We planned to get forty lessons in, but we weren’t able to reach it. I hope next week we will be able to.

I saw a few small miracles this week. My companion and I were trying to find an investigator that we hadn’t taught in a while. So I said a prayer and waited for an answer. Later in the night a kid comes up to me and shakes my hand. It turns out that he is the son of our investigator that we were looking for. We followed him and he showed us the way. It was amazing!

Also, we gave a less-active member a blessing last week, because she was really sick. When we visited her this week she told us that she didn’t have to take anymore medicine after the blessing and she was able to get better.
Missionary Frisbee
Elder Mejia and I are getting along great and he is super awesome. He knows magic tricks and shows them all to the kids… its great! The language is slowly progressing, but I have been praying for the Gift of Tongues and I got back into studying the language. One lesson we had and I couldn’t really speak that well, but all of the sudden I said something and the investigator said, “That’s exactly what I was thinking!” I felt so amazed and happy that people can understand me and I know that it was the Gift of Tongues.

Also we visited a lady in our area. Unfortunately, her son is addicted to drugs. We talked to her and she started crying, because she doesn’t want him to die. I felt sad for her. We shared a little message, then I was called on to say the prayer. When I said the prayer I felt the spirit so strong and my mind was so clear, I wasn’t searching for words, it was amazing.

Anyway… that’s all for now. Have a good week!!!

Snoozing in the Mud

Elder Shoaee


Day 139 | Week #20: Dang Denge Fever!

This week was super "sick". — My companion, Elder Mejia, got Dengue Fever and we were stuck in the casa all week. I did have a good discussion with my companion on how I can gain more faith in Jesus Christ.  He showed me some scriptures and I learned a lot. 

Elder Mejia was better by Saturday and we went to teach a few lessons. At the end of the day we stopped by one of our investigators houses, Maria, and unfortunately, she told us that she couldn’t listen to us anymore, because her family that is supporting her in the United States  said, “If she joined the church, they wouldn’t support her or her children anymore.”  It was sad, but I know that in the Lord’s time, she will encounter the missionaries again and hear more about our message.

Elder Shoaee

Tie Given to Me by Elder Ruiz


Day 131 | Week #19: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

This week was fantastic! We had changes this week and I got new companion, Elder Mejia. He is super nice, very enthusiastic and a really good missionary. I have been showing him the area and he is learning fast. He’s from Mexico (close to the border), speaks Spanish really fast, is our new Distict Leader, and is the senor companion. He also has a lot of knowledge and is teaching me how to do the forms correctly and other missionary stuff.

Elder Shoaee  &  Elder Mejia

We are working so hard. This week has been awesome. We gave one of our investigators, Maria, a blessing because she was sick. I felt the spirit testify that the priesthood is a gift that we are to use to help people. Church on Sunday was amazing and we had a good turnout. One family came that hadn't been to church in 4 years!

That’s all for this week! I hope everyone has an awesome week!

Elder Shoaee