Day #460 | Week #66

This week's report:

Elder Porter and I have been trying to activate everyone in this area, help people to continue to go to church, and w
e are trying to find new people to teach, but its not easy. Our branch president invited us to a seminary graduation on Thursday and we got to eat pizza! We also gave talks on Sunday during Sacrament Meeting, I think a few people got something out of it. This week is changes so we will see if Elder Porter gets transferred to a new area or not. Whatever happens will be good. 
We had some "friends" come into our yard and drink water out of our pila.

 PS (I killed a tarantula that was by our pila.)

Elder Shoaee 


Day #452 | Week #65

This week was alright. The baptism fell through. We didn't get permission to baptize her,. Since she is underage, she needs the permission of the parents. It was disappointing, but maybe this week we'll see what happens. 

Its been raining like crazy here. There has been so much water in the streets. 

We found this cool family this week and it would be great if we can get them to go to church this Sunday.  

Elder Porter and I are looking for more new people to teach in the Jutosa. The stake president came on Sunday and called a new elders quorum president. He lives in another town so we'll see if that help the branch more.

 Elder Shoaee


Day #445 | Week #64

Sindy's Baptism - 10/10/2015
Another chill week in the Jutosa. Elder Porter and I are working with a lot of less-active and non-active members. Sindy, one of my investigators in Campana, my last area,  was ready to be baptized and chose me to baptize her! I was given the opportunity to go back and do the ordinance for her. It was a great experience. 

Nauvoo Illinois Temple Baptistry Stained Glass Window

Also we have a baptism scheduled for the Jutosa this Friday. We are going to baptize an investigator named Ceily. She is awesome and really wants to follow Jesus Christ. We are doing all we can to help prepare her for that day. 

Sindy's Baptism - 10/10/2015

Elder Shoaee


Day #438 | Week #63

This week was a busy week. On Tuesday we had interviews with President Dester which he gave me some insight on the area and what things I should focus on. Also, we had divisions and I went with Elder Lopez to an other area. I got to know a few new people there and we had some good lessons. 

The next day I headed back up the mountain to the Jutosa. On Saturday Elder Porter and I headed to Puerto Cortés to watch General Conference in English. The talks were amazing! I really enjoyed the all of the talks. They were so focused on the Sabbath Day, Faith, Keeping the Commandments, and Living the Gospel the way we should. It was a good week. 

Elder Shoaee