Day 69 | Week #10

Hey Everyone!

This week was awesome, we taught a ton of people and it was amazing. There were a ton of people that we contacted. We don’t have too many investigators, so we are contacting a lot.

This week has been super hot! I always carry a rag to wipe my face and the towel feels amazing.

There is one family that we are teaching and they are trying to get married and we started a fundraiser to help them, but after the first fundraiser, we talked to the wife and she told us about some things that were going on that we didn’t  know about so we have push the baptismal date back. :(

On Sunday we got a family to attend church, it was awesome. After church we were on a bus and this guy starts talking to me in English and I freaked out! I told him about who we were and what we do. He was very nice. Also I was at Wendy’s this week and there were 30 Americans doing charity work that came in while I was there. They were all from Wisconsin. It is so amazing to see Americans! There is a marine here in the computer room right now that is serving here... super cool!  

Anyway that's all I got for now!

Love, Elder Shoaee


Day 61 | Week #9

This week was legit! We walked a lot and went to choir to practice for our Stake Conference, it was also a little rough, because our appointments kept changing and when we would go to people’s houses, then they wouldn’t be there... it’s all good though. We got a new investigator, Rafael, and have been able to talk to a lot of people.

Also, there is a family who is trying to get married and they don’t have a lot of money so we are starting a fundraiser to help them.

My Spanish is coming along and I am understanding more and more. This last Sunday we sang at Stake Conference, it was great! We sang for two sessions.

Not too much activity this week, but the work is getting done!

Love, Elder Shoaee


Day 55 | Week #8

Hey Everyone!

This week was awesome! We did so much and I am getting used to the area, the food, the people, and the gangster music. It’s pretty legit here in Villanueva. Everyone is so nice.

This week we had a feast at this one member’s house, it was awesome. My real area is Brisas del Plan, it’s a little poorer than Villanueva, but it’s cool. We went to teach this one guy in his house and the AP was there with us. The investigator was asking insanely hard questions that are so deep and crazy. I didn’t understand a lot because of the language barrier, but I think he just needs to go to church.

On Saturday we had the baptism for Arnaldo, he is so cool! He wanted the patriarch to baptize him. We got there and my companion had to jump through a window to enter the font, because there wasn’t a key for the door then we started to fill the font, it was great!! After Arnaldo came, we and the patriarch helped him so he knew where to go.

Arnoldo's Baptism | September 13, 2014

Sunday was great. We are singing at Stake Conference next week and are singing himnos in the choir. We practice a ton every week.

Teaching is going well. There was this one time where I taught this one investigator, Guillermo. He is super funny and never wears a shirt. Anyways, we watched, “The Restoration” and the spirit was so strong. We also taught about the Apostasy. He is a mechanic and had a bunch of screws lying around so I grabbed them and said they represent the pillars of the church and with the death of the apostles, priesthood authority was taken from the earth, revelation ceased, and essential doctrines where lost or corrupted. Through the Prophet Joseph Smith, the Church the Jesus Christ established was restored. We invited him to church and he came. He has a lot of questions, but that’s why we are here. We can help him with his concerns and questions about the church.

This week has been amazing and I hope next week will be even better! :)

 Love, Elder Shoaee


Day 47 | Week #7 - Where Am I?

This week has been crazy! I got to the airport at two in the morning and had to wait forever to get our bags checked. We arrived at the San Salvador Airport and I was freaking out of my mind, I couldn’t wait to get on the plane.

Once I got on the plane I talked to this old Dutchman about who I was and where I was going. He told me he is going to San Pedro Sula too and he told me all about Honduras, it was awesome! He does charity work here and travels around the world.

Once I got into San Pedro Sula the humidity attacked me and it was not good...but then I saw President Dester and his wife and other missionaries it was great! We all put our bags on a bus and went to the mission office. Once we got there we had pizza and had a meeting about Honduras and what we can and can’t do. We had dinner at the mission president’s house and it was great!!! We slept overnight in San Pedro Sula "SPS" at the APs house. The next day we went on a bus and got breakfast, baleadas, its super popular here and that is an understatement. We got to the mission office for transfers or "cambios" and we got assigned to an area and a companion.

Baleadas by Eliza Stein

I got assigned to Villanueva with Elder Ruiz, a Latino from Nicaragua, he's pretty legit and is helping me learn the language or Idioma. My first time walking through my area I was like, "Where the heck am I?". It was pretty bad culture shock and I had to talk to people in the streets and in their homes. We mainly just talked to the members the 1st day and got to know the area a bit. The second day we taught this guy named Guillermo, he is a trip he never wears a shirt ever and he is super loco.

Far Left, Elder Ruiz - Far Right, The Garcia Family

We have had many lessons and the food here is super good. The Garcia family are members that take care of us, help us a lot and cook for us. Sometimes they let us use their washing machine, their kids are super funny too. We are teaching this guy named Arnaldo, he is super cool. He's 22 and is getting baptized this Saturday. We are getting him ready for it and are helping him out the best we can.

View Outside My Casa

A lot of people call me “Choaee”, because they can't say "sh". Anyway, its funny everyone I run into can’t say my name. Living conditions are sketchy and the water is only on in the morning. We have to use the pila at night to shower. No ticks or lice… only mosquitoes and Montezuma’s Revenge. The bed is pretty comfortable. There is a lot of poverty too, but the people are so happy and giving and nice. There are no greater people on this earth that I have ever met.

Pila "Trough"  [Washing Machine/Shower]

Love, Elder Shoaee aka Elder "Choaee"


Day 41 | Week #6 - Honduras Bound!

Mexico MTC District 17D

My last week at the MTC was awesome! I can't believe that I am going to Honduras for real now, it is crazy.  I am preparing to convert the drug cartel ;) ... it might be a possibility? I am leaving the C.C.M. around 2:30 am tomorrow with Elder Andrews from Montana, Elder Harris from Ogden, and Elder Ambler from Pueblo,CO. Harris and Ambler are going to be in my mission, but Andrews' is going to the Honduras Comayaguela Mission. Once I get there I will be in a world of total immersion in a language I sort of know, but all is well. I can’t wait to be on the plane and be going there!

Panoramic view of the city of San Pedro Sula

This last week has been a major countdown to tomorrow. I am not sure if I will be able to email tomorrow, but if I can I will.  I don’t have too much to say right now, but for sure I’ll  have a lot once I get to my first area!!!

I am looking forward to getting out into the field! ~ Elder Shoaee

Ya Llegó su Misionero!  Your Missionary Has Arrived!
Update: 9/02/2014

Dear Missionary Families,

We just wanted you to know that your missionaries arrived safe and sound this morning to Honduras, and they are with us tonight in our home for a welcome dinner.   We already love them all and can't wait to get to know them better.   They will be going to a transfer meeting tomorrow morning where they will meet their new companions and then leave for their assigned areas.   Thank you for all your prayers and love.   We are so grateful that you sent them to us.

With love,
President and Sister Dester