Day #308 | Week #44

This week was great! Elder Tomas and I are doing good and we are working on finding new people. We found a new investigator and she said she that she was praying that someone would come for her, and we came. We shared the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her.  It was a super spiritual lesson and we were able to help her with her problems.  
Another lesson we had someone straight up say, "I don't like your church!". We then explained about the importance of the church as found in Ephesians 4, then we talked about the Book of Mormon. By the end of the lesson she was interested and said she would read the Book of Mormon! 

The language is coming along my companion doesn't speak a lot of English, so I am learning a lot more Spanish, it is great!

Elder Shoaee


Day #299 | Week #43: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

In the Jungle with new comp Elder Tomas (in background)
I had changes this week and they sent me to Campana it is close to Puerto Cortės, which is around 20 minutes to the beach. It's awesome here, the ward is super great, and our house is really nice. My new comp is Elder Tomas from Guatemala and he has like 16 months in the mission. We have an awesome investigator with a baptismal date in two weeks.

That's about it for this week. 

Elder Shoaee
Our apartment in Campana


Day #292 | Week #42

1 Nephi 14:7 | Book of Mormon
This week was super chill. I went on divisions with Elder Trejo, my district leader, on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday and Thursday all of our appointments fell through and we had to contact a lot. 

Friday was super awesome, we ended up`teaching about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  All the lessons we taught were super simple and great! 

On Sunday we had an awesome lesson with an investigator. All of his family members belong to the church and we are working with him to become converted too. He is progressing a ton and we are going to continue to work with him.

Elder Shoaee

Restoration: God’s reestablishment of the truths and ordinances of his gospel among men on earth. The gospel of Jesus Christ was lost from the earth through the apostasy that took place following the earthly ministry of Christ’s Apostles. That apostasy made necessary the restoration of the gospel. Through visions, the ministering of angels, and revelations to men on the earth, God restored the gospel. The Restoration started with the Prophet Joseph Smith (JS—H 1:1–75D&C 128:20–21) and has continued to the present through the work of the Lord’s living prophets.


Day# 286 | Week #41

Elder Shoaee & Elder Perry
On Wednesday, Elder Perry and I were on our way to lunch and we found two kids and one of them had cut their toe in a river. We both felt that we needed to help so we cleaned out his wound and got him to a moto-taxi to go to the doctors. It was an amazing experience. 

Also, we are teaching Esmirna and she took a huge leap of faith and decided to leave her marido (husband) and follow the commandments as they are not legally married. 

Also the military came to our area and now our area is protected by the military police.

It is super legit here in Cofradia. I am not sure if I will leave the area in the next coming week, but either way it will be sweet.

Elder Shoaee