Day 69 | Week #10

Hey Everyone!

This week was awesome, we taught a ton of people and it was amazing. There were a ton of people that we contacted. We don’t have too many investigators, so we are contacting a lot.

This week has been super hot! I always carry a rag to wipe my face and the towel feels amazing.

There is one family that we are teaching and they are trying to get married and we started a fundraiser to help them, but after the first fundraiser, we talked to the wife and she told us about some things that were going on that we didn’t  know about so we have push the baptismal date back. :(

On Sunday we got a family to attend church, it was awesome. After church we were on a bus and this guy starts talking to me in English and I freaked out! I told him about who we were and what we do. He was very nice. Also I was at Wendy’s this week and there were 30 Americans doing charity work that came in while I was there. They were all from Wisconsin. It is so amazing to see Americans! There is a marine here in the computer room right now that is serving here... super cool!  

Anyway that's all I got for now!

Love, Elder Shoaee

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