Day 13 | Awesome Week #2

This week was awesome! I am having such a great time with my roommates and the people in my district. The Elders in my room call me,” Mr. Clean” or "Señor Limpio", because I clean a lot and make everything nice (ha-ha).

The language is coming along and I also got two new "investigators", Erika and Daniel Alvarez, my language teachers. When Elder Harris and I teach them, we both can communicate really well and teach the lesson. We are not perfect, but we try our best!

I am the District Leader for District 17 D, it is a challenge sometimes. Whenever I feel down, I just remember what the Savior did for me and I try to show them my love for them. The most spiritual moment was on Friday; we have a companionship that never seems to get along so I pulled them both aside privately to see if I could help and the spirit hit me so strong, I couldn't express fully what I wanted to say. I know they felt the Savior's love for them, but I still pray for them every day that their relationship will get better.

Our Latinos left this week to go on their mission. It was super awesome to see them leave, but I miss them, they are funny guys. My mission so far has been great. Every day I work on doing better at things poco a poco, "little by little". 

I have found peace, happiness and love while serving the Elders y Hermanas of 17 D, it is helping me a lot and I enjoy every minute of it!

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