Day 6 | Almost 1 Week!

This week has been super busy and I have been making many friends here at the CCM. When I first got off the plane into Mexico, I felt so out of place and I didn’t know where to go. Then we got to the buses at the airport and started driving to the CCM. It was so insane, there are no rules for driving here and people can do whatever they want… its super cool! 

After arriving at the CCM, we went to get all our supplies and then we had dinner. All of us ´´Greengoes¨´ were all in somewhat of a culture shock, it was awesome. Then finally I got to my room (with my companion, Elder Harris) and we met Elder Boydston and Elder Davis. They are super funny and we were joking around. Then two Latinos showed up at our apartment and said, "Welcome to the CCM" and we asked, "How long have you been here?" and they said they had only been there one day. They are so funny. Their names are Elder Villagran and Elder Cueppi. They are helping us with Spanish and we are helping them with English.

The next few days we just had classes and started learning the language. Then on Friday we started teaching our 1st "investigator" en Español. It was very hard and I didn’t understand anything. The next day we did the same thing, get up at 6:30 am and then go to sleep at 10:30 pm. Then we got to Sunday, it was so amazing to feel the spirit so strong. It made me happier to be out here and know why I should be here. We have gym time every day almost, it is so much fun. My companion was on a varsity soccer team so we usually play soccer and chill with the "natives".

It is so great, I love it here. The people are so nice and humble. Just a few random things that happened, Elder Harris and I were teaching our investigator for the 3rd time and when we started teaching Ana, our investigator, we could understand what she was saying and we were able to communicate very well. When I didn’t know what to say, Elder Harris would back me up, when Elder Harris was at a loss of words; I jumped in and was able to communicate effectively. I truly believe that was the Gift of Tongues. The food is so authentic here and they have a la tienda or store. Today is my P day. I will send pictures next week of what it looks like here and of Elder Viagran "papi" and Elder Cuessi and all the other elders. The temperature is so great here. It’s not hot or cold, it’s perfect temperature. Mexico City is not like I expected, but in a good way. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. 

I can’t wait to be in San Pedro Sula, but I know it will take time before I become effective. 

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