Day #698 | Week #99 [23-More Days]

This week was great! Elder Crosgrove and I had the baptism of Virgilio. He is an investigator that the missionaries had been teaching on and off for about a year. We have been teaching him and helped him get on the right track and understand what he needs to do. He became so motivated that on Saturday we had his baptism. A member/friend baptized him, because they know each other very well. 
Virgilio's Baptism Day | 06/18/2016
We also were able to some service. We cut down some firewood for a sister in our area with machetes.

Also, we had a zone planning meeting so we all met up and then we ate as a zone after it was over. I think this week I will be transferred to another area, because my area is getting taken over by the San Pedro Sula East Mission. 

Elder Shoaee

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