Day #678 | Week #96 [43-Days Left]

This week was pretty good. Elder Nolasco and I had a rough start at the beginning of the week, a lot of our appointments fell through. We walked a lot, but we just decided to not quit and keep going. We were able to help a lot of people through service. We helped a lady carry stuff up a mountain and cut a lady's lawn. It was nice to be able to do more service. 
Also we have an awesome investigator named Felipe. He wants to get married to a member that he has known for a long time and he wants to do the right thing. He is very humble and he understands the importance of our message. On Sunday we had a Gospel Principles class and Felipe was participating and answering questions about how the restoration of the gospel was so necessary. It is amazing to see how fast some people progress.

Watermelon Eating Contest
I also did 3 baptismal interviews for some investigators in our district. It was a great experience to see their testimonies and that I could help them move onto a greater path.

Elder Shoaee

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