Day #671 | Week #95

This week was amazing. Elder Nolasco and I have been working on contacting more people. It is incredible to see how much better we have gotten at talking to more people. 

Also we did service project in the area of the other missionaries in our district. We went up into the mountain and got some wood to help a lady build a house. It was a cool experience. 

Another good thing that happened is that a man, Virgilio, that we are teaching wants to progress and be baptized. He has had some difficulties with a few commandments, so we helped him using the example of the savior when he said to the disciples, "Come follow me". Jesus was direct and they followed him and left everything behind. So we said that is what we all need to do and not to focus on how other people will react to it. When we follow Him we can know that God will direct him to where he needs to be. 

Elder Shoaee

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