Week #82 | Two Baptisms

This week was great on we had a Multizone Conference. It was a great experience and I learned some new things. I also saw some people that I know, it was cool. 

This week we have been passing for our recent converts and also trying to prepare our investigators for their baptisms. On Saturday we had the baptism of two of our investigators, Tania and Eduardo. Tania had been taught by the missionaries for a year and a half and finally she felt that she ready to be baptized. Eduardo is from a part-member family and we have taught him and missionaries before me taught him also. He was a little nervous, but we helped him out and he felt a lot better. I was able to baptize Eduardo and my companion baptized Tania. 


Right now we are teaching a guy named Lorenzo. He lives in a part-member family and we are also teaching a  lady named, Sara. Sunday we had a great attendance at church. This area really is great!

Elder Shoaee

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