Day #571 | Week #81: Hunting Rambo

This week we have been preparing an investigator, Tania,  for her upcoming baptism this Saturday . She had some doubts about Joseph Smith and how we have prophets today. We invited her to pray about it and to read The Book of Mormon. She accepted our invitation and at our next appointment with her she told us that she had received an answer, it was amazing. 

We were able to help a member find her pig in the jungle. The member tried to sell it two months ago, but it escaped and was running wild in the fields in our colony. We were looking for it for about an hour and a half, because it kept running away from us. My companion was able to tackle it and we carried it to the members house. 

It has been raining a ton this last week so the attendance at church wasn't that high this week, but it will get better.

Elder Shoaee

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