Day #585 | Week #83: The Gospel in Central America

This week was pretty good. Elder Ortiz and I are working on reteaching our recent converts and trying to help them continue to progress. We also are helping to organize ward missionaries and visiting teachers. We have been looking to find more people to teach. 

Things are going good and this is the last week of the change. My companion has been in the area for 18 weeks so who knows what will happen. This Saturday our ward is going to have a talent show, it is going to be awesome! There will be a conference on Sunday for Central America. The prophet (I think) and the apostles will be talking to us so we will be going to the Stake Center for that.

Unto All the World: The Gospel in Central AmericaDrawing on his recent experiences in Central America, Elder Christofferson describes the growth of the gospel and the strength of the Church in this beautiful part of the world. 

Elder Shoaee

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