Day 153 | Week #22

This week Elder Mejia and I worked on a lot of new investigators and menos activos. We counted up all of our menos activos and investigators and there are about 40 people in our area who are less-active. We are trying to help them as much as we can. We contacted a lot last week, so this week we went and worked on a lot of new people. Some of our investigators weren't there and that lost a lot of our time. 
Skype - 12/26/2014
Elder Mejia and I are getting along fine, and Elder Mejia gave me the lesson pamphlets in English so I have been studying side-by-side with the English and Spanish gospel pamphlets to help me out with my Spanish. 

It has been super hot here... its crazy!!! Water is super cheap here so that is good! We had Elder Mejia cook some Mexican food at a members house and it was super good. On Sunday I passed the Sacrament in our ward. It seems like I haven't done that in forever. 

That is about it...Merry Christmas everyone!

Elder Shoaee

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