Day 111 | Week #16: "Broadway" in Villanueva

This week was legit! We put in the work and are teaching more new investigators. We celebrated my companion, Elder Ruiz’s, birthday this week. It was a surprise party! I faked being sick and I said, "We need to go back to the casa...please!!" I was limping and acting like I was terribly sick. When my comp opened the door, the other missionaries were inside and we had a cake and pizza. It was awesome!

Elder Ruiz Birthday Celebration
Also this week I have started some hardcore language study and I am reading the books and getting into deep grammar. I know it is going to take time to get this language down, but it will be worth it.

We had a musical on Sunday. The stake put it on for all the people of Villanueva. It was called "VENID A CRISTO" which means, Come Unto Christ. It was for investigators and less-active members. The missionaries sang one song, The Army of Helaman. It was super powerful. I could feel the spirit super strong. The mission president came too, it was awesome.

That's about it for this week!

Elder Shoaee

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