Day #354 | Week #51

This week was super different, it was a really satisfying week. We have found many new people that we started teaching. 

Also the sister missionaries had a investigator that was one hundred and three years old. I had the opportunity to baptize him on Saturday, July 11th, it was a cool experience. 

Also we cleared a ton of doubts that people had about our church, plus we are getting better at teaching the lessons in a trio companionship.

I am almost halfway done with the book, Jesus the Christ. It is an amazing book and I am really learning a lot. 

Another cool thing is that we found out that marriages are going to be free in August. There is this one lady that is 80-years old and her papers were burned in a war so we are trying to find a way to get her married to her husband.

That's about it.

Elder Shoaee

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