Day #368 | Week #53

This week was awesome. The baptismal date for Sindy is getting closer (August 8,2015) and she is progressing a ton. She is 17 and she makes hammocks.  We started teaching her family, but all of them that we were teaching moved away.   Right now she is the only person we are teaching in her family. Also this week we had some amazing lessons and we taught this one guy who grew up in New York. 
One-Year Anniversary | 07/23/2015
Elder Soto's (my companion) brother started his mission in the Honduras San Pedro Sula East Mission so President Dester gave us permission to go to the airport to see his brother. It was a cool experience.

We also started teaching a teenager who's called Naun, he is super awesome. I feel like we'll start seeing progress with him.

Elder Shoaee

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