Day #340 | Week #49: Compañerismo Trío

Elders: Comin - Shoaee - Soto
This week was awesome! There were transfers and my old companion left, but two other missionaries came. One is Elder Comin from Alberta, Canada and the other is Elder Soto from El Salvador. They are super awesome! It is interesting to teach with three people, but there is power in numbers and we can help give insights on different things. 

I have been showing them the area. It's a little difficult for me because I only have been here for one change, but I know that the spirit helps me remember who's who and where everything is. I also was promoted to Senior Companion, but Elder Soto is our District Leader. This last week I was showing an area and we found this one guy who lived in the states for 12 years so we were able to teach him in English. He was so interested, I felt so good. 

That's about it.

Elder Shoaee

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