Day #313 | Week #45

This week went by super fast. We had a multi-zone meeting and I got to see some of the missionaries that I lived with in my previous areas, it was awesome and I learned a lot. 

I got a small fever on Friday and took medicine and prayed that I would feel better and the next day I didn't have a fever! I wasn't 100% better, but progressing. I wear bug repellent and use hand sanitizer, but I am just on the front line here. People don't understand about sanitation here. We are cautious and smart with what we eat, but it just happens...

In the mountains in my new area
On Sunday we had Stake Conference and a Seventy, Elder Maravilla, came. He is awesome. He taught about the day of the Sabbath and how we can sanctify it and what we should do. Also, he talked about the plan that Central America has for the year. He also focused on how to make Sacrament Meeting way better and how its supposed to be.
That's about it for this week.

Elder Shoaee

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