Day #250 | Week #36: Priesthood Blessings

This week was great!  One of our investigators is pregnant and is going to have a baby soon. During the week she called us and said that she wanted us to pray for her. We went over there and explained about the power of the priesthood and our authority and gave her a blessing. The spirit was so strong, it was great. The next time when we saw her she said that she was feeling well. I love seeing a witness that the priesthood is real. 

Also we had an amazing lesson with an investigator her name is Karla. We were able to answer almost every question she had and not only answer, but really clear her doubts. It was amazing to see and to have the help of the spirit to testify while teaching. 

Also my companion, Elder Crisostomo, is heading back to Mexico. It is interesting to see the end of his mission and to hear about all the experiences hes had. This week is also changes and I got a new companion, Elder Perry, he is a greengo from Pleasant Grove and he was in my last zone!!!

Elder Shoaee

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