Day #224 | Week #32: Baptism

This week was amazing! We had the baptism of the Sanchez family. I baptized the father (Erodito) and the mother (Juana). My companion baptized their two children. They are such great examples and I love them so much. 
Sanchez Family Baptism - February 28, 2015

They were confirmed members on Sunday. I am amazed by how humble they are and how fast they are progressing. Also on Thursday and Friday of this week, we were looking for baptismal clothes for the family. We went all around our area all day, but thankfully we were able to get all the clothes before the baptism. The baptism was perfect! Almost all the youth came and many members. It was probably the best baptism I've seen here! Cristian our recent convert is going to receive the priesthood this Sunday. 

Things are looking good!

Elder Shoaee

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