Day 166 | Week #24

This week was awesome! We taught a bunch of our new investigators and we got a ton of new referrals. 
We taught this one lady and she doesn't know much about religion, but she did almost all of the additional study, it was remarkable!
Brothers and sisters, my sincere prayer is that we may adapt to the changes in our lives,
that we may realize what is most important, that we may express our gratitude always
and thus find joy in the journey. - Thomas S. Monson

On Sunday we had 134 people come to church. That has been the highest attendance in a long time. :)
This week is transfers and I am not sure if I am going to a new area or not, but I am ready for anything! I'll go where the Lord wants me to go. I have learned a lot in this area and know the people pretty good, but we will see how things turn out.
Elder Shoaee

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