Day 180 | Week #26 [6 Months Mark]: Un montón de Servicio

This week we did a ton of service, we cut concrete for a member and cut down brush in the mountains a little above Cofradia for an investigator. 
Elder Crisostomo in Cofradia, Honduras

We set a baptismal date for our investigator Cristian. He will be baptized this Saturday if all goes well. We also are working with this one lady, Maria, she is awesome. We haven't been teaching her for a long time, but she said that out of all the different people that have came to her house, she said that we were the most helpful and we teach clearly.  

Elder Shoaee
Elder Crisostomo

We are also working with some investigators who we haven't been with in a while and seeing if they are still interested in our message.

That's it for now.

Elder Shoaee

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