Day #432 | Week #62

Elder Shoaee & Elder Porter 
Week two in Jutosa. We had some cool experiences this week. We are trying to activate lot of less-active members in our area by inviting them to go to church. We had 31 people at church which is a higher number than last week, so that's progress! Also we have been teaching some investigators. 

We had a funny experience, it was nighttime and my companion and I were going down a hill when a dog comes out of nowhere and starts chasing us.  I just took of my back pack and started screaming to scare it off. Also we chilled with a monkey that a member has as a pet. 

Elder Shoaee

In the Middle of the Mountains In Our Area 

Leche Burra "Milk Sweets" is probably the most known Nicaraguan typical candy.
t's made with cow milk, unrefined sugar cane, coconut, cacao, vanilla and others.

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